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Book Review: Sofia Khan is not obliged 

Title: Sofia Khan is not obliged

Author: Ayisha Malik

Publisher: Twenty7 (2016)

“Sofia Khan is not obliged” is a fun read. It is written from the point of view of Sofia. Her parents need her to get married but of the men in her life; Imran – he wants her to move in with his family (the whole family – including their in-laws and grandkids), the hottie Abid who might be gay,

Naim who she actually likes but is mostly a flirt and Conall the quiet non-Muslim neighbour, who would she end up with?

Sofia is a publicist with a London publishing company. With the marriage-drama surrounding her family and friends, her bosses thought it a good idea for her to write a book about Muslim dating and marriage. The book is mostly Sofia’s attempt to balance work, writing a book, dating (which is mostly research for her book), the emotional crises of her friends and family, her life being stereotyped while trying to find her place in the world.

Ayisha Malik did well with this one. Her tone is soft and always evoked the right feelings. Sometimes though, I felt she was trying too hard. The book is rich in culture. I found the book was slow at the beginning but once I got into it, it was okay. And the plot twist had me at the edge of my seat. 

What stood out for me?

Sofia Khan is relatable. She isn’t perfect or ideal. She is a hijabi of her own accord and takes her prayers seriously. Her mother doesn’t even like that she wears it because she feels that it could be blamed for her lack of a suitable mate. She is witty, opinionated, delightful, occasionally smokes and isn’t one to settle. Underneath all of this, is her very big heart.  I loved her parents too – a wacky pair but they make a great team.

I loved that the book was written as journal entries and how the text messages and emails were captured.

Sofia takes notes of lessons learnt from the events in her life either as notes for her book or for her life. Some of my favourites are;

“If you edge towards a cliff slowly enough, you should be able to catch yourself before you topple over”

“Never marry a man that can’t be bothered to spell ‘Night’ properly. Lazy with words, lazy with life”. 

“Always be around the people that see the best in you. Gives you a fighting chance of maybe one day being that person”.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a light read and just wants to throw their head back and laugh really hard.

My rating: 3/5 🌟🌟🌟

You can get the book from Amazon.com


18 thoughts on “Book Review: Sofia Khan is not obliged ”

  1. “Never marry a man that can’t be bothered to spell ‘Night’ properly. Lazy with words, lazy with life”.

    When i was 13 years old and we just got our first internet connection (some 17 years ago) i emailed my uncle using net-lingo and he in his wisdom replies back saying how it showed immaturity!

    I took that advice and i always found out that short-hand is torture to eyes! I like using proper words and even punctuations when i send a text message! (Except for u and urs sometimes;) hehe) So this part was so relateable 🙂

    Enjoyed your review

    I blog at amuslimmama.com

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  2. This sounds like a very interesting read! The writer/main character seems like a person I could easily relate to, maybe especially in my teenage angst year! ahaha!


  3. It’s nice to know that we can pick up a book and read about characters that are relateable in terms of cultural background , faith, race etc books did that way before TV media which is yet to catch up in my opinion.


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