Just Breathe

Life is so demanding. Sometimes we find ourselves just breezing through our schedules. Whether it is making breakfast, getting everyone in the home ready for their day, getting through errands, work, school runs, play dates and social expectations. It can be a lot. It is a lot. We go this daily and then slowly we start to forget our purpose. Our aim. Our vision. Our goal.

We start to tell ourselves that some of our acts of worship are just Sunnah and not obligatory and so we can skip them. Then our obligations start to suffer. The quality of our salah starts to decline. Our khushoo is lost and eventually, our salah becomes aimless physical movements.

We need to wake up and take advantage of our moments, every breath we take is a new moment. A chance to start over, to turn around, to rise higher, to do better, to be better, to heal, to grow, to be renewed, to do good deeds that can take us closer to attaining Jannah. We should enjoy them. Savour them. Accept our hardships as the way to ease. Take this world as the means and not the end. And then just breathe…

Just breathe (1)

When I feel overwhelmed and out of breath, I find the best time is just before Fajr. While most people are asleep. I wake up and make wudhu. I prolong my sujood and just breathe. I breathe through my pains, my sufferings, my wishes, my dreams and my tears. And in that moment… 

             It all seems inconsequential!

Take a moment now and take a deep breath. Breathe in positivity, joy and contentment. Now breathe out irritation, sadness and worry. Feel your shoulders drop and the tension in your muscles relax.

I make du’a that Allah eases any hardship you are facing and that you find it easy to just breathe. Amin.


12 thoughts on “Just Breathe”

  1. Thanks sis, for the reminder. Just breathe and that picture of the words itself with coffee is 100% accurate of what I need now. But I still have to wait until my baby arrives… In Shaa Allah. Then I could have the coffee I deserve after all these months being deprived of it.


  2. It was amazing! Specially the steps of leaving out the sunnahs to finding your salah is just plain body movements :/ how true!

    I have missed today’s before-fahr moments i know it first hand how less barakah it feels when one miss fajr and how awesome it is when you wake up before fajr even just, as you said, to breath out ur worries! I dont wanna miss my chance and my sanity tomorrow!


  3. Ameen!
    This is true: every breath we take is a new moment…..we need to remember every moment we are blessed that we are still breathing.


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