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Fabulous Reads: Aisha – the wife, the companion, the scholar

Title: Aisha – The wife, the companion, the scholar

Author: Resit Haylamaz

Category: Nonfiction – Biography

Publisher: Tughra books (New Jersey), 2014

I have had this book for a little over a year (Yes! My bookish goal for this year is simple – less hoarding, more reading; So help me God). I was drawn into a book just by reading the preface. The book zooms into the life of Aisha (RA), the wife of our noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Aisha (RA) had the unique opportunity of being the closest person to the Prophet (SAW) and so was able to provide us with a wealth of information about the life of the Prophet (SAW).

God Almighty provided the Messenger of God with a strong character: in Makkah, where belief, self-sacrifice, and bravery were so necessary, He gave him Khadija (RA); in Madinah, wherethe requirements of knowledge, intelligence and reasoning were needed, He bestowed him Aisha (RA).

The facts of the life of this great woman though from hadiths were narrated like a beautiful story. The flow was effortlessly smooth. The book brings the story of Aisha (RA) to life, it humanises her. It will help you to see her character as ideals to imbibe. The book is entertaining, insightful and educational. I had to keep myself from my highlighters or I would have coloured in the whole text. Reading the book was not like a chore, I loved every moment of it.

Moments that got me thinking

  • The life of simplicity and moderation that the household of the Prophet (SAW) lived.
  • As regards the 2 units of Fajr prayer, Aisha (RA) considered it akin to reciting the Qur’an – expressing that quality, not quantity, was essential.
  • As regards the slander, believers should always react strongly against slander. It is not okay to just listen to it or quietly doubt it.
  • “Never give the things that you do not eat to others”

Action Points

  • My Qur’an recitation will be focused on quality more than quantity.
  • Avoid gossip and slander and when I come face-to-face with it, I react to it.
  • I will make a conscious effort to give out of what I love.

Aisha - the wife, the companion, the scholar




I will recommend this book to Muslims of all ages and times and the Non-Muslims too, as it will help them understand all that is misunderstood of our dear mother Aisha (RA).

About the author

Resit Haylamaz is a Turkish author with many publications on the lives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his leading companions.

You can get the book on Amazon.


16 thoughts on “Fabulous Reads: Aisha – the wife, the companion, the scholar”

  1. I am intrigued! I really want to give this book a go! I love Hazrat Ayesha R.A. Always admired her for the courage and the wave of change she was able to bring within the Muslims. Will definitely read this book!


  2. wow! it seems awesome! especially the highlighted part – Never thought of it like that about Hazrat Khadija Razi Allah Anha & Hazrat Aisha Razi Allah Anha
    ANd it gives you your action points too – very impressive


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