Fabulous reads

Fabulous Reads: An Affluent Heart 

Title: An Affluent Heart 

Author: Aisha Dahiru Atta

Category: Islamic, Non-fiction

Publisher: Finder Publication (UK), 2017

An Affluent Heart is an amazing collection of du’a to enrich our marital lives. Marriage is a mercy from Allah and du’a is our most trusted weapon as believers. As it is Allah that designs and ordains marriage, it only makes sense that we call on Him to protect, preserve, guide our marriages and help solve our marital problems. 

When I heard about this book, I was elated because its focus is du’a, utilizing the names of Allah in du’a and marriage. I could not wait to get my hands on it. The beauty arrived at the onset of the month of Ramadhan 2017. I was adding finishing touches to my du’a list and I just thought to skim through and see what I could add or fine-tune and so I started the book or better yet I finished it. I did not move until I had read and made every du’a in the book. I will read through one, get to the end of it and go “Yes! Ya Allah, I would like that!” 😭😁

Aisha Dahiru wrote from her heart and so the writing flows so beautifully MashaAllah! The book is a breath of fresh air. It is more than just the du’as,  I love all of it – the words, the glossy pages, the size, the page mark, the cover and design. I will InshaAllah read it over and over again.

The Prophet (SAW) said, “Affluence(richness) does not lie in the abundance of (worldly) goods, but in the richness of the soul”. (Sahih Muslim)

I am not sure I can choose a favourite at the moment. I however connected to Al Lateef…

“You are the Most acquainted with all that lays hidden. Grant me the ability to perceive my spouse with more than just my eyes. Bless me to regard them with my heart. Help me to be all that they require; a kind gentle and loving partner.” Amin.

I will recommend this book to anyone who is interested in internalizing the names of Allah or anyone willing to put in the work for their marriage.


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