Fabulous finds: Fofky’s Subscription Box

I love the idea of subscription boxes especially bookish-themed ones. I mean, a book or books plus other goodies. Sign me up!

This particular one has a special place in my heart for many reasons including it being my first bookish box but mostly because it was put together with Muslims in mind – Muslim authored books and halal treats.
Most times we have beauty and fashion boxes but I mean a bookish one. Yes, please!
Fofkys subscription
My box seemed like it was made for me (maybe it was,🤔 perks of knowing amazing people MashaAllah).
It contained;
• A handwritten note – I love handwritten notes. They are so personal and make you feel very special.
• A bag of Non-GMO, gluten-free, all round delicious popcorn – Anyone who knows me knows popcorn is a solution to some of my problems (like my oral fixation) 😂 Alhamdulillah!
• A pack of mini pretzels
• A paper cup
• Cookies – chunky chocolatey deliciousness
• Tea
• Coffee
• A recipe card to help you make your own delicious frappuccino
A Muslim-themed subscription box, specially tailored for bookies isn’t something I have come across. So this makes me so giddy with excitement.
If you are interested in getting one for yourself or a loved one, you can do so here. And they have other themed ones too.
I might just be on my way to subscription box addiction.
And to the brains behind it, May Allah put Barakah in your ideas and business. Amin.
Until next time,

8 thoughts on “Fabulous finds: Fofky’s Subscription Box”

  1. I actually had no idea that you could get book subscription boxes with snacks. It’s quite a simple but cute idea. I guess book subscription clubs have come a long way since the Readers’ Digest. I feel so old!


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