Book Review: Imagine

Title: Imagine

Author: Shoohada Khanom

Category: Children Fiction

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

May I start by saying Sarah is a wonderful kid. I love her creative mind. Now you are wondering who Sarah is, right? She is Yunus’ sister. Yunus wants to talk to her just before bed time but not before she goes on an imagining spree…

Imagine Shoohada khanom

She imagines a perfect world. From tasbih beads being sparkling jewels, to making robots and charging them with the duty to say Eid Mubarak to kids in orphanages, to taking dinosaurs to her school and Masjid, to praying in the clouds (my favourite 😍) and utilizing the many arms of octopuses to cook extra meals in Ramadan (the house wife dream. Lol!)

This book will make for a great bed time read. For even more fun, have your kids come up with their imaginations.

This book made me imagine Jannah, where we can have everything we want, the way we want. All the chocolates and popcorn, writing by a waterfall, reading amazing books and lots of parties. Imagine the taste of Chicken in Jannah.

Ya Allah! Please grant us passage into Your Jannah by Your Mercy. Amin. 

Let’s make this fun! Please comment how you imagine your Jannah?


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