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Book Review: Kamillah The Butterfly

Title: Kamillah The Butterfly

Author: Shoohada Khanom

Category: Children Fiction

Publisher: Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

The story is of Kamillah, a caterpillar who is confused about life changes. She has a wonderful friend Bilqis who encourages her through the changes. The book is easy to read and the colours and illustrations are so pretty MashaAllah!

Kamillah the butterfly


I totally enjoyed reading it. Me and all my adult cells.😊 We need to be reminded that tough times do not last, and in the end, it will be worth it bi’idhnillah. Also, we should appreciate our differences. We were created differently to unite us and not divide us.

Kamillah the butterfly

It will make a fun bedtime read. And just in case you wondered, Kamillah becomes a blue morpho butterfly.


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