Fabulous finds: Hidden Pearls headscarves

The hijab means different things to different people. In my opinion, it is a verb. It signifies struggle, a means to attain nearness to my Rabb, strength, beauty, sincerity, a challenge, and an identity. I am easily identified as a Muslim woman without having to open my mouth. Alhamdulillah! I do my best in observing it and I even feel uncomfortable when I have to be in the presence of non-familial men without it.  This makes the headscarf a very important aspect of my style. This piece of cloth that has faced so many controversies in different nations of the world is a necessity for me.

As it is something I wear every day, I am constantly on the look out for great headscarves. I mean, who isn’t? I like my headscarves to be good quality, not transparent, have breathable fabric, not easily damaged by pins, able to keep calm in the wind and big enough to easily cover my head and chest.

Hidden pearls sent me two headscarves – the everyday chiffon hijab and the crinkle hijab in exchange for an honest review. Hidden pearls is a U.K-based company. It is made of a team of professionals who saw the need for good quality and affordable hijabs and went on to help solve that problem. The company launched in January 2015. they have a wide range of products including hijabs, hijab accessories, handbags, purses, scarves, and under scarves. Their hijabs vary depending on fabric, functionality, and embellishments. They have chiffon hijabs, crinkle hijabs, jersey hijabs, silk hijabs, plain hijabs, pom-pom hijabs, polka dots hijabs, multi-tone hijabs, tassel hijabs, pearl and lace hijabs.

Hidden pearls hijab

I have used the two hijabs I received. One I wore for date night and the other I wore to the hospital for a doctor’s appointment. Both are soft, light, breathable, comfortable and I survived without using a pin. My favourite though is the crinkle hijab. Yes! it was the one I wore for date night. It solves the problem of ironing and so reduces the time to get ready. You don’t like ironing either, right? I mean, what is to like. 

Hidden pearls also have these amazing gift boxes which include; hijabs, chocolates, books, earrings and many other items making them great for your loved ones. I mean, with Eid round the corner. The delivery was fast too, less than two weeks. Alhamdulillah! Giving gifts have been made easier.


The products were sent complimentary for a review.  All opinion and views are my own.



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